Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Would you like to incorporate next-level decision making capabilities into your predictive models? Go beyond the data you have and the normal human assessments that get done with them. We, at cognitive atom do not just build models. We help you make sense of your models and derive insights out of it.

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Machine learning

We are faithful about what we provide and we call our models by their real names. We will build you a logistic or a linear regression and call it a statistical model and won't pass them off as an advanced ML model. In short, we provide you with what we promise and what is best for your data.

Artificial Intelligence

We will not pass off a random forest or support vector machine model as AI. we will help you build actual reinforcement learning algorithms with a model-free or a model-based approach and call *that* as AI. Help us provide you with what solutions work best for you.

Neural Networks

We promise not to build a single layer perceptron and pass it off as a "deep learning" model nor will we thrust a neural net on you when all you needed for your data was a logistic regression model. Let us analyze your needs and data requirements and suggest the model that works best for you.


From LDA to transformed based BERT models, from sentiment analysis to natural language understanding, we can tap into our expertise to provide you with the best in class NLP solutions that will make sure you see state-of-the-art results with your free-form language data.

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