Fully functional enterprise virtual assistants

As customer bases are expanding, the needs of customers are also changing. Customers these days expect an instant resolution and conversational interaction. Our virtual assistant is a fully functional conversational AI platform. We provide enterprises with fully functional conversational chatbots to meet user needs.

Our AI chatbot is delivered on a cloud infrastructure with a provision to customize deployment models for enterprise-specific needs.

Virtual Assistant - Key Features

Multi-Channel support

Multi-Channel support

The chat could be accessed via a variety of channels that users feel comfortable with- including the web, mobile applications, WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS and messenger applications.

Live Chat Integration

Live Chat Integration

The engine is configured to transfer the call to a human expert who classify queries before handing control back to the bot. The live chat engine has the ability to ‘read’ user text for agents to prepare better and also allow bots to suggest answers that agent could modify.

Transaction completion

Transaction completion

Deep integration with internal systems allow users to invoke services that enable logging of service tickets, complete simple transactions and also submit requests for documents.

The most common uses of WhatsApp bots include:

How WhatsApp chatbot can supercharge your customer conversations

5 steps to build Whatsapp chatbot today

STEP 1: Understand the conversation context – If there are any integrations required, identify the details and the API information

STEP 2: Work on the chat flow and create the intents, entities, and responses

STEP 3: Work with the customer on the bot theme and branding

STEP 4 : Deploy in customer website for testing

STEP 5: Deploy dashboards to view the Bot metrics

Your customers are on WhatsApp. What about your business?

Launch your ‘WhatsApp ChatBot’ in 24 hrs with Autonom8 AI-powered messaging platform.


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