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Need a statistical model to examine your question?  Have data that you’re unsure how to leverage? Allow us to develop and answer your questions

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Statistical Modeling

No matter the variables, we can help answer your questions using advanced statistics. We leverage both Frequentist and Bayesian statistical modeling techniques to give you a result that you can be confident in. Chat with us to know how Monte-Carlo simulations can help you leverage the power of simulations and advanced statistical modeling techniques.

Multivariate Statistics

Back in the 1940s up until 2010, there used to be statistical models that got built using datasets that had multiple independent and dependent variables. These models were referred to as multivariate statistical models. We stick to the roots and build multivariate to provide you with actual solutions for low-dimensional data.

Hypothesis Testing

Any kind of experiment or engagement tools work on assumptions and assumptions need testing. With solid background in the scientific method, we can help you with your needs for hypothesis testing up and including A/B testing.

Missing Data Models

Don't let your sparse matrices leave a sour taste in your mouth. Allow us to help build missing data models so you can recover your data and turn lemons into lemonade. From collaborative filtering to advanced graph based recommendations systems, we can help recover the data you need the most.

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